Rishav Khatri

November 19, 2022

A new studio with higher energies...

For 15 years Jads Tattoo was located in the compound of Shisha Bar in Thamel, Kathmandu. The studio space was around 380 sq. ft which was really small to work while maintaining the maximum possible hygiene. The need to move to a new bigger place had already begun and we were searching for possible spaces around Thamel. It is easier to buy land in Kathmandu rather than renting out a space. We had nothing but hopes to get a perfect space for Jads.

As 2020 began the world saw COVID-19 pandemic rising every day killing thousands of people. All the businesses were shutting down to stop the spread. We were also not left behind. We had no option rather than to close our shop until things got back to normal. Time flew by but there was no any chance of things getting back to normal. It was getting worse day-by-day. However, we kept patience and it was the only thing we could do at that time.

To keep the work going at the studio during the pandemic John Ma rented a small private studio in Arun Thapa Chowk, Sanepa, Lalitpur because the studio at Thamel was not operatable as the restricitons were high. He took appointments only and had limited number of clients. It was difficult for him and the studio to survive at that time. Bimal, Hobbit, Emihang, Porku including me were in Dharan during pandemic as there was no any option left rather than to leave Kathmandu and be safe at our home.

It took 2 years for the pandemic to ease out. The old studio was no more operatable as the moisture damaged most of our furniture and equipments. There were mushrooms growing inside the studio which was a sign that nature was taking control of everything. As the things were getting back to normal me and John dai started to continue the search for a new place. We got to know Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel was looking for tenants in their Kathmandu Art House building. The building was fully booked on two floors by the most prominent artists of Nepal. Each room was allocated to an individual artist and they had made it as a personal gallery selling out their paintings and creations. The 3rd floor was not occupied so far. We were toured by the sales and marketing executive of the building and we liked the space in an instant. We immediately booked the entire 3rd floor. There were some construction to be done at the place which was pretty much acceptable to us.

We started to build the place including new furnitures, paintings and hanging up all the stock of paintings we had. We had three terraces for the studio and all had no canopy. We also built the canopy for them and started to make garden in those areas. It took us 2 months to finish the entire task. The client requests had already begun. At that time, Yogi was travelling to Nepal and he officially start the work at the new studio. The studio, however, has not taken a full shape yet. Till today we are still working on the design and aesthetic aspect of the studio. This will take us some time as it's all about the process. The plants are growing day-by-day and the terrace areas are taking shape of a proper garden with natural greenary.

The address of our new studio is:
Jads Tattoo
Kathmandu Art House
Suite #3001
Satghumti Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu-16
Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal.
Call/WhatsApp/Viber: +977-9806200042

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